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The Continuum Company is a boutique development firm, headquartered in NYC and South Florida, focusing on innovative ground-up real-estate developments that are anything but cookie-cutter.  


Our core business is the acquisition, development and marketing of large-scale, mixed-use residential (both for sale and rental housing), commercial, hospitality and retail space in New York, Miami, and Las Vegas.


Under the direction of Ian Bruce Eichner, the company’s founder, Continuum's team of real estate professionals has a successful track record of developing projects from inception to occupancy that are on-time and on-budget. In particular, we are highly skilled at navigating complex zoning issues, air rights assemblages, and initiatives inextricably woven into government approvals.


A world-class network of specialists in construction, engineering, design and marketing complements our in-house capabilities. Working with these practitioners, the Continuum team ensures that projects are carefully selected, planned and executed, that costs are controlled and the quality of the product is delivered.


​To date, we have developed more than 15 million square feet totaling over $7.5 billion, and we're just getting started.


We do all types
of developments
While most developers seek to specialize in one vertical, we don’t pigeonhole ourselves into one type of development. Instead, when establishing the project concept, we analyze all possibilities (residential, hospitality, commercial, retail) and determine the best path forward for maximizing the value of the dirt. 
We embrace the complicated
We are highly skilled at navigating partnerships with difficult personalities, complex zoning issues, air rights assemblages, and initiatives inextricably woven into the government approval processes. In fact, it’s part of our competitive advantage, which enables us to unlock value where others can’t. 
We understand an evolving marketplace
For each project, we utilize a multi-pronged, consumer-based marketing strategy to determine the appropriate unit mix, amenity and outdoor spaces, and interior design. Then we use the most culturally-relevant vehicles to reach the consumer. Newspaper ads have been replaced by social media, going forward ads on Tik Tok. 
We create value for the consumer & investor
Our ability to envision complex, multi-faceted developments that focus on creating value for the consumer and investor is at the heart of what we do.  No two projects are the same. But, collectively they tell the story of Continuum’s innovative approach to real estate development. 
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